Kew Gardens with a baby


Hadrien’s office is based in Chiswick business park which is a long way from Hackney and I’d be overdue with bringing baby Rafael to his office. So, when my friend Jenny who lives locally and I were planning to meet up we managed to schedule the perfect rendez-vous.

Our excellent plan, was that I would leave the house as soon as baby woke up to catch commuter train with Papa, thus avoiding rush hour crowds and then head straight to our friends for an early breakfast. We had a bit of baby naps and hanging before heading over to Kew.

As she lives locally she has an annual pass BUT she can take up to four adults and children are free so it is a GREAT idea for families, so we slipped in for free as her guests.

I’m no horticultural expert, so I’m not going to pretend to give you a detailed breakdown of the flower situ but needless to say there are many many beautiful gardens and spaces to explore.

What I wasn’t aware of was how great the canteen area is. There is a microwave so you can heat up you own baby meals and plenty of highchairs. For older kids, there is a healthy pick and mix and lots of vegan friendly food.

Next to the restaurant area is a kids play area which also included a separate baby section at the back. (You have to climb up and walk round to the far left). Which meant the babes got to have a safe run-around after lunch.

Pro tips: Formula tub exploded, next time considering investing in tupperware to eradicate said issue however, we are loving using our thermos flask with heated water to make up bottles on the move.

Never, I repeat, never get on a train in rush hour with a baby, particularly in London. Early morning commuters are evil, the rage is palpabale they hate you and your baby.

Take a few toys, I went for a book that I could read on repeat on the train to help keep him entertained.


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