Haslemere Museum


So… we went to visit the Grandparents in the countryside. Rafael is definitely at the age now where he needs to be taken to explore things. Granny Janny is a volunteer at Haslemere museum for fundraising, so suggested we went here for a visit.

Hadrien is a huge geology geek, so he loved it and I’m quite partial to a bit of Natural History. There are loads more children’s activity days so we will, for sure, be taking Rafael a lot more in the future. Entry was donation only, so it was super affordable day out.

Not we are not travelling full time, its harder to keep up fresh, new and free (or at least not too expensive) things to do, so it’s good to make sure we have local things to the G-parents that we can do.

Don’t know the area around Haslemere so good, so will definitely need to do some research on what there is to do. Highlights of the museum include, Arthur the famous bear, the interactive dinosaur area and I’m also a sucker for all the magnificent pappillons!



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