Touring Iceland with a baby by car


Hadrien has come into his own with planning this trip. today, he took us on his own version of a Golden Circle Tour. It saved us over $400 on tour fees by using our own hire car.

We first stopped at the Secret Lagoon. It wasn’t too busy and the water was so hot. After this, we went to Gulfoss. Note: This is FAR too windy with a small person. I hung back in a beautiful cafe which had floor to ceiling windows and viewed from the inside.

Afterwards, Hadrien drove us to the second viewing platform undernteah so that I could quickly stick my head out the car.

After this, we watched the hot springs of Geysir. These violently erupt every 5 minutes or so. This was much better for baby, we had him in the bjorn and walked him around so he could get in a good old snooze.

However, I didn’t think he had enough z’s that day. So today, I hung back whilst Pap went on tour in Reykavik with the rest of the gang. Me & Raf had lots of cuddles and snoozes. Hadrien loved skating/sliding/walking on the frozen lake. The architecture of the Harpa Concert Hall and they also picked up some more supplies.

Still surprised at how much groceries are here!



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