Packing tips for Iceland with a baby

Ok, so please check out our guest post for Dose for general travel tips with a baby. But Iceland, is a different kettle of frozen fish. Here are our packing essentials:

Adult clothes:

  • Uniqlo is your affordable thermal wear friend. We purchased a thick outdoor winter jacket which we could put lots of layers underneath. Certainly not as a stylish as a Canda Goose but significantly cheaper. I also went for a slightly larger size so I can make sure I zipped the baby inside my coat.
  • Decathlon was great thermal long sleeve tops and leggings which you can wear under your regular clothes
  • We also picked up some jazzy thermal socks from here which were an absolute essential
  • Back to Uniqlo, we invested in a pair of outdoor trousers which were waterproof and fleece lined, not the most attractive things but we didn’t ever complain of being cold
  • For the windier days you will need a thick scarf or snood to protect your face
  • We doubled up on gloves, a thin pair underneath and a thicker pair for over the top, on one day I only wore one pair – it was a mistake.
  • Sensible shoes – yep, I’m going parental on you here. But the amount of people we saw falling over was treacherous. Again, you can pick up a cheap pair of walking boots suitable for snow from Decathlon and you have for life.


Baby clothes

  • We picked up a reasonable onesie which was weatherproof on the outside and fleece lined from Marks & Spencer, naturally babies grow out of clothes quickly so we actually bought a 9-12 month even though he is only 6 months. It means it will last him a bit longer but also we could put extra layers underneath
  • A wooly hat is ESSENTIAL but we actually found one that fastened over his chin so just his face peeps out, this was perfect for keeping him cosy
  • We bought an ‘under onesie’ one that we use all the time in UK but in Iceland worked as a layer to wear under our M&S jacket. We bought this in France but you can order online from Kiabi
  • Mittens on strings that fasten around the wrist, you need something they can’t tug off
  • Our midwife always told us to dress the baby same layers as us plus one but on one day when he was a bit grissly I had over dressed him as he was a tiny bit sweaty when I removed a layer. There are babies in Iceland so my worry about taking him was unfounded. Also, whilst we were there it was only minus 1 but minus 19 in NYC. However, I was warned to pay close attention to their hands and feet as they can’t tell you if they get cold and you don’t want them to get frostbrite. The reality is, we were never outside for prolonged periods of time and we would take regular checks of his ody heat by touching the back of his neck.



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