Ferry home from Bilbao

Day 47 – 18th December

NB: Before I get started, I’d just like to point out the two ‘free’ postcards we had were so tasetful. I don’t understand why more places don’t do this!

So today, we went to Bilbao. Poor Hadrien, was gutted that we could not go to the Guggenheim. Evidently, France AND Spain love to close places on a Monday. I’m trying my best to enjoy the final day but my head is already slightly at home. Mainly because Dad is unwell, we might have to give up Christmas just the three of us to look after him. Which I am happy to do, but actually I want him to be better.

This afternoon, I had a massage for 60 minutes (we are treating ourselves to a stay at the Miro Hotel). Fuck my life it was bloody amazing. IT was a real treat for the final day – as is the hotel room. It’s an early Christmas present four ourselves. My masseuse told me that basically my back is buggered. Which I sort of knew from all the lifting and carrying of Rafael.

We made it to lunch, Raf looked like he was about to have a tired meltdown but we got him to hold on x20 minutes whilst we ate. He currently LOVES a high chair and played with an IKEA stackable lighthouse that belonged to the restaurant.

We then went to the Fine Art Museum. TBH, we probably should have split our time more in Bilbao but I don’t regret it. I’m thinking about room service, breakfast buffets and that 24 hour ferry ride home!




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