Pintxos with a baby in San Sebastian

17th December – Day 46

The penutimate stop of our French tour. Our first stay in Spain. It was my second time in San Sebastian which reminded me even more why writing these postcards is a grand idea.

I don’t know if I was drinking too heavily at the time I last visited (probable) but my mind was almost wiped. This time, I sought out foodie recommendations and we bloody well went for it. It helped very much that we were there out of season so all the pintxos bars were quiet. But actually, I’d say it worked really rather well with the baby. One total error was our first airbnb booking, I didn’t look properly and it was  a studio, which meant we were like Whoopi Goldberg in ‘Sister Act’ – forced into evenings of unwanted quiet reflection. But as luck would have it, we were moved to a bigger air bmb as the water needed to be fixed in ours. This places was HUGE! (For not much more money – lesson learnt!).

Each day we picked 1-2 pintxos bars to visit, pre-researched our dishes and then went to a museum or walk. I’m going to write a ‘to-do’ card for food but if you are a family I highly recommend the Tabakalera. Infact, good even if you don’t have children and seemingly missing from all the guides!



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