A gite in the Pyrennes

Day 41 – December 12

There was not an opportunity to buy a postcard in the mountain, but luckily we have a whole bunch spare, as we have just left Arles. I’m pinching one of the Van Gogh we saw. I must confess, I’ve not written this form the mountain. We basically did nothing but walk, eye up mountains and relax. The farmer whose airbnb gite we were staying in sold us some steaks. I even managed an almost 48-hour digital detox.

Only slight hiccup was when Hadrien tried to show me the new website design for The Wern. When I was on my most ridiculous post pregnancy tampon and sanitary towel period (sidenote: does this heaviness EVER END!), late at night. Turns out 24/ travelling, baby raising AND working together was one step too far for our relationship at this point. But one monstruous row later, we are a lot stronger. I geuinely could have stayed there for a lot longer and looked at that view. It was just what the doctor ordered for a busy mind.

We did however leave in quite a hurry, it started to snow and settle very quickly. We didn’t fancy being stuck up the mountain in our Golf.



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