Lunch stop in Carcassone

Day 37 – 9th December

Woof! Time seems to be going so fast. Today, we made some good progess West. We planned a long stop off at Carcasonne (which to break up a long car journey was perfect). I initially didn’t want to queue for the Castle, but so glad that we did. (NB: Don’t bother taking a stroller, this is stair central).

It’s been a long time since I studies any Roman history so I took an audio guide. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and you can really get a feel for what it would have been like to live there back in the day. Also, for the lols, there are multiple stalls and people in costume and character.

We discussed how it would be a total nightmare with a toddler, but good for a day trip for 4/5+. Lots of children running around waving wooden swords. We have not eaten out much this trip to save funds and when we have it’s always been disappointing. So today, we had our most affordable and best lunch out yet at Le Marcou. It’s right in the centre. I had an ace baked camember, orangina and rose (oh ad a side salad of course) but I felt like I was living the French dream in the first selection.

Tonight is a complete change. More of that to come.

(P.S. Getting sad and reflective our trip will end soon also having a mini digital detox).

Top travel tips:

  • It’s busy even in Winter, so make sure you are crowd friendly
  • Pre-purchase your tickets for the Castle, we didn’t and the queue was about 20 minutes
  • Wear baby in carrier, too many steps for strollers particularly if you want to visit the Castle (and you must)



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