A brief bit of Arles

Day 37 – 8th December

Soooo…. after all the needless worry about planning journeys / timings we headed to Arles. An easy first stop, 2 hours from Cannes. It’s a funny place, that grew o us more after we had left. Plenty to see and do, loads of boutiques, we bought some beautiful books (the most independent bookshops I’ve seen in one town anywhere!).

Part of what I love about french culture is the ‘support local’ engrained in the culture e.g. daily visit to the boulangerie. Rafael’s first tooth cut through and bless him he has been a real sad sack with it. We have not slept loads but still nothing as bad as the pregnancy tiredness I had. I nearly didn’t go to the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh because I was so tired but really glad that I did. It was my favourite part of all the whole trip. Points for family friendliness and how close our Airbnb was to the town. (We also purchared our first ever family discount ticket).

I’m definitely glad we pitstopped here and it should go on your ‘to-do’ list. We need to go back to see more of the Roman remains.

Top travel tips:

  • We went for three nights but felt there was a lot more you could do and almost wished we had done an extra day
  • Great place for buying gifts
  • Eat off the beaten track not the main tourist square
  • Look into museum discounts, after we had visited a bunch THEN we found the multiple ticket options…



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