Day 32 – December 3rd

It’s funny how the dynamic changes when someone else is in the mix. I have had to work a lot, so I’ve missing opportunities to have any time on my own with Rafael. So today, we took our first solo walk in Cannes and it was SO good for my head.

Hadrien and I then went to Grasse, to the Parfum Musee. So many lovely things to talk about from today. 1. Grasse is lovely, and has some KILLER views.
2. We had a cute little lunch in the cafe near to the museum and it was so friendly. Points to the two people working there for cooing over Rafael
3. Being a 3 again and having a day trip was so easy and relaxed. We have a wonderful time
4. The museum was a) free and b) empty so we had the WHOLE place to ourselves. I definitely seemed to pick up more about makeup than perfum.

BUT I would definitely go back it was fascinating.

I’m totally knackered this afternoon. I barely scraped enough energy to send a postcard to my parents.

Going to try and chill for the rest of the day if possible. And plan our next pit stop.

The sun is shining, and I’m feeling very gratefuland cosy for this time together.



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