Nice even in Winter

Day 26 – Monday 27th November

We have been staying in our friend Guillame’s Mum’s apartment. Have to say, not being on the move for a bit has been a well needed break for us all. We are so far South now the sky is bright blue and it’s a lot warmer.

We have been a bit slack on keeping up with writing:
1. Rafael has had a cold, so we have been staying in with him
2. We have been visting a lot of family and friends
3. I have been doing a fair bit of work, I’m hoping to get some ‘happiness’ learnings in exchange for PR skill swap.

turns out, the car has a load of suspension issues. So we just had to leave it in the garage and lose €500. BUT parking is a nightmare here (note to self: I must get better at parallel parking immediately). So at least we have had free parking.

On Sunday, I went to the musee d’art moderne. They had a great Yves Klein blue exposition. I don’t how or when I heard of Yves Klein blue, but it was tranquil to see.

The rooftop had some great photo opportunities but I had lost my creative arm that day. However, to see the whole City, the entry price of €10 alone is worth is.



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