From Cathedral Russe with love

Day 27 – Tuesday 28th November

Much of our time in Nice has been spent resting, particularly as Rafael has been teething and a cold. Today however, we went for a final meal with Grand Patrick et Benedict. They live next door to the Cathedral Russe, so we took a bit of time to walk and explore.

I don’t think this postcard does justices to the beauty of the outside and amazingly, we got our FIRST photo as a whole family outside fitting the whole pic in. It feels like we have been away for a really long time, if I think too hard about how many miles to get home, it’s overwhelming, so we just plan for one location at a time.

Part of me feels like I need to show all those naysayers that its not that difficult. Certainly, it doesnt feel harder than having a baby in London. But, travelling 24/7 as a group of 3 throws up different challenges. This week, we are doing a few more things on our own for sanity. I’ve also found it hard to switch off from work, so I’m trying to allocard designated headspace hours for that.

I’ve driven five times now, a big fear ticked – but I definitely couldn’t do it without Hadrien co-piloting.

Next stop. Grandmere Armelle’s in Cannes.



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