Let’s all move to Lamotte-du-Rhone

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 10.21.54

Day 20 – Tuesday 21st November 17

Yesterday was a big travelling day, so much of this trip is matched to the beat of Rafael’s metronome and yesterday we were completely in sync.

We went for a final walk in Semur, which at 1 degrees was very fresh. We then fitted in a nap before arriving in Beaune. Hadrien really wanted to see the abbey. In a stroke of bad luck, they had started new opening hours that day (and of cours everything closes at lunch in France *eyeroll) but these guys wont let anyone in from 11:30am. We arrive at 11:36, with babe in arms and they refused us entry. I found it increasingly frustrating and mildly relieved I’m not fluent in French yet so I couldn’t moan how mean they were over 6 minutes. ((It is still open for an HOUR after)) and Hadrien was sad to not see it.

Nevermind, we always like to find a positive and we found a fantastic chocolatier and a bakery that served the best hot almond croissant we’ve both ever had – so silver linings.

We then managed a huge strech with Raf asleep, stopping for a pee and a stretch of our legs and then we were only 30 minutes from our next airbnb stop Lamotte-du-Rhone. We are staying in part of a beautiful what is called ‘mas provencal’ next to the owners Justine and Julien. They are ex-Parisiens who have gone to set up a new life outside the City. I can’t pretend it’s not tempting us now too. The space has well considered and modern interior and we all feel a lot calmer to be here.



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