La tour Semur en Auxois



Days 14-16 – A pitstop in Burgundy

Thursday 16th – We met Uncle Benoit for lunch in Le Bon Marche. Rafael needed to sleep at lunchtime – classic timing, so I found a park and we ate after (nothing like cold chips). Afterwards, I got some quick me time and had a work meeting at Carette in Trocadero. It was fantastically French and my companion informed me its a French institution. Hint: Go for the hot chocolate if you like it thick.

Friday 17th – We had a good journey down in the car to Semur. Much quicker than we though and Rafael slept most of the way. Today we are staying in the cutest tower or ‘tour’ as they say in French. It’s hexagonal and made by the man who live here who is a stoneworker. It’s one of the cutest places I have ever stayed and our hosts are so nice.

We went for a walk along a disused train track and the views were fantastic.

Saturday 18th – Today we explore the town of Semur en Auxois and found this lovely restaurant, La Fontaignotte (pictured). By far my favourite postcard and it was free. They are new owners and I hope they do really well. Follow them on insta and make sure you visit if you are passing through. Service, especially for France (but particularly after Paris anyway) was very friendly! Views are fantastic.



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