A monumental day

Day 11 Irving Penn & Great Grandad

Today was monumental. Firstly, we took the car in rush hour (which is madness, namely the other drivers) and saw loads of tourist sites on our way to the Grand Palais. As recommended by Aunt Ariane, we went to see the Irving Penn exhibition which was AMAZING. So many different collections from his time at Vogue to travels and still life. Only slightly annoying part was they don’t allow puschairs. They do provide baby carriers, but it was more annoying because Raf was asleep and we seemingly then strugged to get him back to sleep for the rest of the day.

After the museum, we went to visit his Great Grandfather at his nursing home. He is an unbelievable 98 but you wouldn’t know it, completely young at heart. We then struggled to get Raf to nap because everyone there wanted to talk to him. If it was all the time I would say no, but for one day, it was lovely to see him give so much happiness to the elderly around him.

Meeting Dady (as H calls him) felt like a privelege and we will definitely be returning to see him this week.



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