Palais de la porte doree

Days 12-13 Fishes and family a Paris

Tuesday – we took as a day for ourselves which I very much needed. Most of the time, what we are doing is amazing, but I felt a bit overwhelmed on Sunday so some well needed R&R was taken. I worked for a bit in the morning and then we went to the local park to take Raf for a walk and to visit the Palais de la porte doree which has an aquarium. It was a treat to show Raf the fishes, we possibly loved it more than he did. We timed it well, he was awake for walk and exhbition and slept in his Yoyo on the way home. We cooked dinner for Alexis and his girlfriend as a thankyou for letting us stay for free.

Wednesday – I had my first hangover in a long time, not fun. I did a French lesson with Elyse which was great fun abd learnt why you don’t say you “visite” a person in French. We went back to see Great Grandad again, seeing him with Rafael makes me want to cry – he will turn 99 in February! I still can’t get over how amazingly sharp he is, but also want to male sure we visit him more.

Wish my French was better.

Rafael ate sweet potato for dinner and had a blow dry.




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