A Paris avec un bebe


Days 9-10

Yesterday we arrived at Hadrien’s friend house in South East Paris. We left at 6:45am and made good time in the car and Rafael slept most of the way. In the afternoon, we went to the zoo which was nearby. I’m not sure if Rafael liked the animals or not, but he definitely got some baby sensory stimulation. I loved the acquarium. Hadrien and I love the animals but a bit uncomfortable with the zoo concept.

In grim news, my period was so heavy at the zoo, I resorted to having to line my knociers with one of Rafael’s nappies. A new mothering post-pregnancy low. However, I was impressed with my ‘can-do’ attitude.

Today, we met a cousin on Hadrien’s paternal side, Valerie, her husband is Italien and she has two sons. I’m glad that Rafael is meeting so many of his French family members. Alberto was right, he does bring people together.

Today I found the constant moving around hard. But messaging my NCT gals about sleep regression and it feels better. In other news, Raf had his first breakfast puree of apple and pear. Can’t believe how grown up he is getting.


Zoo pics


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