Meilleurs Voeux – Best Wishes


Days 4-5 Melesse, Rennes

For days 4-5 we stayed in Melesse who is absolutely lovely, calm and tranquil and Rafael enjoyed so much being in the space. It was a little cold, so we sat by the fire which was very enchanting.

I ate my first Raclette! Potatoes with cookced meat and cheese. (You cook the cheese yourself on a little cooker on the table). We also had takeaway Galettes & Crepes. I’m going to suggest this idea to Le Mercurie in Clapton. We walked by the canal and Hadrien matched the furniture.

Days 5-7 Ceton, Normandy

We drove to the Uncle’s house in Ceton. From the outside, it’s an incredible typical French bourgeois house. I don’t know if its because its now winter or its unoccupied but I’m casually terrified (particularly at night). I got a bit cross with H, it’s so from the Great Grandmothe’s house, it’s quite a trek with Rafael. Also, there is no wifi which makes remote working a bit hard combined with Raf waking up a lot, so we are all tired. This morning, we are staying in Ceton and I would like to do some writing for fun and to read.

I think it;s going to be cosy, we have the fire, blankets and lots of food. (Next time I’ll tell you more about the house and the Grandma).



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