Day 3 – Climbing up the Mont-Saint-Michel

Today is our second day in France and we visited the Mont-Saint-Michel. It’s a 40-minutes in the car from our **airbnb in St. Malo. It was ridiculously beautiful and quite impressive from a distance. We walked from the carpark to try and get Rafael to sleep*. We walked straight for the abbey. Lots of steps. Good for a post-pregnancy workout. Afterwards, Hadrien’s Mum said we should go to La Mere Poulard for an omelette, as its supposed to be famous for it We shall have to return!

Rafael was so pissed off with the car on the way home he vomited on himself. I climbed in the back and gave him a cuddle. He had a bit of rusk with breast milke for dinner. The waves were still so high tonight that people in the town were coming to watch. It was quite the thing to do. The police were there but almost after an hour it quitened down.

Tomorrow we go to Rafael’s Great Aunt Arianes.

Instagram pics

*I woudn’t bother with a push chair as once you get there it’s very steep, lots of steps and cobbles, we carried him in the baby bjorn the walk took a gentle 50-minutes you could probably march quicker.

** Our host Valerie in St.Malo was EXCELLENT and she has loads of properties on Airbnb, click here to see them all




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