Ferry from Portsmouth to St. Malo, France


Day 1: First parental experience of Brittany Ferries

It only took x30 minutes in the car from my Mum & Dad’s to the ferry. We put Rafael to bed first and then put him straight into the car so he slept the whole journey. Compared to the airport, it was a super relaxed way to travel. Security was quick. (I can’t help but feel it would be easy to smuggle). ((I keep thinking I want to smuggle children who need care from the Calais jungle)). We had a party in our room and went to bed early. When we woke up, we were in France! Because Raf wakes up early, it wasn’t hard for us to get up. Our room room price included a free buffet, so we got our monies worth.

Day 2: St. Malo

What a suprise, this place is a beauty. I feel like I would recommend it to everyone.

So easy to get to and so flipping French. Some really lovely shops and the old town is magnificent. Loads of wining and cobbled streets. We had fruit de mer for lunch. It was shitting expensive and Rafael had a casual mini-meltdown before falling asleep.

Lunch was 100 euros. I loved most of it but the raw snail was a bit tough.

In the evening was a high tide. They closed the road and the waves came crashing over. It happens twice a year.



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